MasterCheck Services

Electronic Transactions: Electronic transactions increase your cash flow, whether your business model demands ACH, BOC, ARC,Check21, and/or  RCK, we handle all transactions effortlessly.

Point of Sale Verification:  We have our own national network of contributing merchants, and contribute negative data to the largest verification database in the United States.  Our authorization network, paired with NextChex, narrows the window even further, with unpaid items reporting on the 2nd business day after the day of deposit.

Consolidated Returns: When depositing the paper check payment at your local banking institution, consolidated returns gives the return process a shot in the arm, returning unpaid items to our office within 7-10 business days.

Traditional Recovery: All inbound calls are handled by our professional agents’; wait time is limited to less than 60 seconds for all calls. Once electronic recovery has proved unsuccessful, the unpaid item is handed off to our in- house agents, who pursue payment via telephone and mail. We report to all three national credit reporting agencies and work with many local district attorneys’ offices.

Back office Solutions:
Let us create a file that updates to your network, eliminating time and effort spent by your staff. We can report data in any format, and automatically submit that to your office.  We can build any update, to suit your preferences.

Services Include

Each of these services protects a financial aspect of your business and ensures that you receive payments for goods and services rendered. MasterCheck has the capability to customize solutions for your authorization and verification needs.


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