What Our Clients are Saying

"What struck us initially with Mastercheck was their innovative attitude towards check collections. We were not agreeing to a service that they would provide, but we were partnering with them to reduce losses. Not only is their approach to collections a model to be followed by others, their attention to customer and client service is second to none. Mastercheck treats every QuikTrip customer with respect--as if it were our only customer. The client services offered to QuikTrip in account management, reporting and data processing are excellent. Today, years later, we continue to be satisfied in their efforts to never be satisfied with the status quo. We are proud to have Mastercheck on our side!"


Mark Blue



"Our company tried to manage the act of accepting checks for many years. We maintained lists of people that were authorized to write checks. We did our best to collect on bad debts. Our system was difficult for our staff and difficult for our customers. Allowing Mastercheck to manage our check flow changed all that. Today we accept checks with a system that is fast, simple to use and accurate. They have taken almost all the pain out of accepting checks. They are always professional, their reporting is excellent and their customer service is outstanding. I would recommend Mastercheck to anyone."


Bob Palmer



"MasterCheck simply provides the best solution to check collection. Their collections approach is a good fit not only for Hobby Lobby, but our customers, as well. We appreciate that MasterCheck is familiar with our business and will offer solutions and make accommodations as our business environment changes. Hobby Lobby appreciates that MasterCheck always maintains a professional approach and a level of service that cannot be matched. MasterCheck has my recommendation!"


Ann Lawton



Company History


MasterCheck was founded in Stillwater, Oklahoma in 1992. In the last five years our client base has quadrupled. MasterCheck is a subsidiary of CDR Payments, LLC and provides a comprehensive solution for check acceptance. We serve clients from a variety of industries throughout the United States.



Services Include

Each of these services protects a financial aspect of your business and ensures that you receive payments for goods and services rendered. MasterCheck has the capability to customize solutions for your authorization and verification needs.


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